Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social - July 18, 2009


Tigard Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social


The Tigard Historical Association event, An Old-fashioned Ice Cream Social, has something for everyone! Everyone was so delighted by John Lazzari’s One-Man Band at the 2008 event, we have asked him to play for you again! John has been wowing crowds for 67 years. He first performed at the age of 10 at the Rocky Mountain Café in Meaderville, Montana. John’s musical repertoire encompasses the Big Band sounds of the 1930s and 1940s, country-western, Mexican, symphonic and the smooth sounds of the 1950s. John plays piano, trumpet, and the organ programmed with drums and percussion.

Everyone, the young and "young at heart" will have the opportunity to play "Dress Up". The Association has collected interesting accessories such as hats, feather boas, jackets, aprons, vintage fur pieces for everyone to try and wear whiling strolling the grounds of the John Tigard House Museum. We also have many stuffed animals that need loving. Take a stuffed animal for a walk!

There will be vintage games such as shooting marbles, walking on stilts, or working an old-fashioned water pump. For those who like projects to take home, anyone can try their hand at making a tooled leather key holder.

Watch the Tigard Quilters ply their craft and examine several heirloom hand-made quilts.

Enjoy ice cream and berry cobbler or pie for the yesteryear price of 25 cents

Inside the John Tigard House Museum, you will be able to examine our Tigard School Yearbook Collection, 1928-1992. The Association has a complete set of Tigard High School yearbooks and some yearbooks from Fowler Junior High School and Twality Junior High School. For the first time the yearbooks are available for viewing in our multi-media room. Also, available for viewing is the video, " Curtis Tigard’s 100 Years", a presentation created by Gary Lass.

All are invited to step back in time and enjoy life in 1880 as featured in the décor of the John Tigard House with its wood-burning stove, galvanized tub and wash board, cast-iron gadgets, wood-burn parlor stove, pump organ and Victorian furniture. Please come and enjoy an event reflecting our Oregonian past!

The Tigard Historical Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the cultural and historical legacy of the greater Tigard area. The association does this through the conservation of the John Tigard House and its Collection and hosting events and lectures.