"Tigard Historical Quarterly" Newsletter

THA publishes the "Tigard Historical Quarterly" newsletter that provides information describing Tigard's history and the people who have played a role in developing the city.   Please click on the links below view current and previous issues.  

Do you have a lead on a story about Tigard's history or something you think we need to cover?  Just send a note to newsletter@tigardhistorical.org  We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Spring - Casey Bowman writes a detailed article about the Shavers, Tigard Pioneers. Valri Darling writes about a mannequin donated by Nora Pirrie to the Tigard House.  Banning’s Restaurant, a Tigard Landmark since 1979 is also featured.
Winter - Memories of Ruth Croft who passed away in October 2020.  Ruth was one of the THA Founding Members.  Thank you Ruth for all your contributions. Learn more about Grace Tigard Houghton (1901-1998) was the daughter of Charles and Rosa Tigard and the granddaughter of Wilson and Mary Ann Tigard. Please continue to be safe and we hope to see you later this year or in 2022!


Fall - The Tigard Chamber of Commerce awarded Martha Worley the “From the Heart” Volunteer of the Year!  Read how she earned this award.  Valri Darling writes about the long history of the Crescent Grove Cemetery.  Did you know is is located adjacent to Washington Square?  Finally Phil Pasteris was honored by the Tigard Chamber of Commerce as the Tigard First Citizen.
Summer - Learn how the COVID-19 has affected THA activities this summer and into the fall in an article by Karen Sadler-Fredd.  Amy Krebs describes how COVID-19 is affecting Tigard education this fall.  Finally, Martha Worley tells a mole story involving Curtis Tigard.

Spring - Learn about Tigard gardeners - the Schubring family, Moore family, and the Gaarde family.  Another story features the Cope family and the Signscope Signs business they established in 1989.  Duane provided free over-sized posters that hung on the fence of the John Tigard House that that advertised upcoming THA events.

Winter - Learn about the "Hicklin Family in Oregon" guest authored by Nancy Jean Chapman.  The article covers the family migration to Oregon and the role of abolitionist politics in 1850s Oregon.


Fall - Learn about 1) The Riverman Family Legacy, 2) Apple Harvest Festival held at the John Tigard House, and 3) This Old House, the repair of the John Tigard House front porch by Handyman Matters.  The porch looks like new/old!

SummerLearn about 1) the 1918 Panck's chicken hatchery adjacent to the Joy Theater, 2) the Tigard family descendant reunion, and 3) see photos from the Ice Cream Social.
Spring - Learn how 1) the Oregon State Legislature created April 13, 2019 Curtis Tigard Day, 2) How the the Tigard Public Library has expanded hours and services for their Local History Room, 3) Dates for Tours of Tigard's Historic Main Street June 30th and August 25, and 4) Memories of Spring in Tigard by Jane Heintz-Svela.
Winter - Learn more about how to volunteer at THA.  Valri Darling writes about moving the John Tigard House to its current location with the help of volunteers!  Ruth Croft is featured as one of the original THA members from back in 1978 and played a key role in rescuing JTH!.  Jan Heintz-Svela writes about "Growing up in Tigard - Winter Fun."

Fall - This issue focuses on the loss of THA's oldest friend - Curtis Tigard.  Curtis passed away on July 25, 2018 after a short illness at an age of 109.  We will miss you Curtis.  This issue also contains an article about St. Anthony's Catholic Church by Jane Heintz-Svela.  See you at the Victorian Christmas on December 1, 2018 at the John Tigard House from 1 to 4 pm.

Spring - Read about Wilson and Polly Tigard's trip from Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Curtis Tigard's upcoming 109th birthday party at the John Tigard House on April 14, Banning's Restaurant and Pie House and Betty Schubring Moore's memories of Old Tigard.

Winter - Read and see photos from the Victorian Christmas, a guest article by Jane Heintz-Svela reminiscing about downtown Tigard, Hop Growing in the Tigard Area, by Valri Darling, Then and Now about the building that is now the Max Brew Pub by Mike McInnis.
Fall - Read about the Ice Cream Festival, Apple Harvest Festival, Tigard family relatives visiting from Missouri and Utah, the Emanuel German Evangelical Church, and the Sunset Pioneer Cemetery right off of Highway 99.
Summer Read about Mary Woodard students visiting the John Tigard House, early Tigard businesses and what THA accomplished this past year!

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