Volunteer Opportunities

John Tigard House Activities
The John Tigard House is unique, and to maintain its classic appearance your volunteer efforts would be appreciated.  If you have a couple of hours to spare with a friend, please consider the following activities to help the Association.
  1. Weed/plant the heirloom garden at the John Tigard House Museum.
  2. Weed the landscaping around the John Tigard House Museum.
  3. Spread bark mulch at the John Tigard House Museum.
  4. House cleaning at the John Tigard House Museum.
  5. Wash windows at the John Tigard House Museum.
  6. Help decorate the John Tigard House for Christmas.
  7. Help catalog items in the THA collection.
  8. Help store the items in the THA collection. 
Tigard Library Activities
The Tigard Historical Association also helps the library staff operate this very important room on the second floor of the library.  You would mainly be a welcoming face!  A greeter! A host!  If you would like to be more deeply involved there are research projects where you could assist the librarian.
For more information on how to get involved please call Martha Worley at 503-747-9856 or e-mail Valri Darling.