THA Board of Directors, Advisors and Contributors

The function of the Board is to set policy, determine future events, and decide financial matters. All decisions are made by Board Member majority vote. Our Board meets as needed on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM, either at Rise Church, the John Tigard House or via Zoom. Please call 503-747-9856 to contact a Board Member.

THA Board of Directors

  • Valri Darling, President

  • Margaret Doherty, Vice President

  • Karen Sadler-Fredd, Treasurer

  • Phil Pasteris, Secretary

  • Yvonne Brod

  • Martha Worley - Special Advisor

  • Marilyn Sturm

Event Tour Coordinator

  • Martha Worley


Paul Clark, Sally Jones, Ralph Reisbeck, David and Sandra Tigard


  • Historian Vacant

  • Exhibitions Sally Jones, Valri Darling, Marilyn Sturm

  • Newsletter Editor/Publicity - Mike McInnis

  • Collections Curator - Valri Darling

  • WebmasterPhil Pasteris

  • Facebook - Phil Pasteris, Mike McInnis, Patricia Tucker

  • Photographers - Dennis Shen, Phil Pasteris

  • Children’s Education - Yvonne Brod, Amy Krebs

  • Flower Gardeners - Judy and Ryan Fleck

  • Grant WritingVacant

  • Legal AdviserVacant